Awareness Mindfulness Presence

What is presence? And, what is the power of presence?

What is presence?  To know it is to experience it! What is presence?  I would like to give you a straightforward anwer, but unfortunately I can’t.  And, in order to tell you what the ‘power of presence’  is I have to begin with presence itself. Let me explain why it’s not that straightforward though. Many are cautious in explaining what presence …

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Product Review

What is the best zafu meditation cushion? 3 of the best reviewed!

When it comes to meditation cushions and choosing the best one, it’s really more about what is the best one for you. And more importantly, what makes it the best for you – price, size, durability, materials used, eco-friendliness, colour, support? So, what is the best zafu meditation cushion? I’ve reviewed a few below with some details to help you …

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What is mindfulness practice? The path to happiness!

First, let’s start with a definition of what mindfulness is before I provide some examples of mindfulness practice and also why we do it. So, what is mindfulness anyway? Mindfulness is about being aware, having a conscious awareness in the moment. I don’t get it. What do you mean conscious awareness?  To elaborate further, conscious awareness is about being present here …

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How do you meditate?

How do you meditate properly? Let’s not get all bent out of shape about it (literally)!

THE PROPERLY TRAP Why are we so obsessed about doing everything properly and getting everything “right” all the time?  And especially with something like meditation that essentially is to bring us peace, to slow and reduce the constant thoughts that pervade our minds, to engender clear thinking, to rest, heal and become conscious. Why this preoccupation with getting it right …

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Meditation Techniques

Basic meditation techniques for beginners – ‘stop trying’ is the best one of all!

You may have read my blog Simple meditation techniques for beginners – it doesn’t have to be hard! where I outlined 4 techniques including a guided meditation with quite a bit of detail and explanation. This time, I’m going to list 5 basic meditation techniques for beginners to simplify your meditation experience even more and I have included what I …

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