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A very warm welcome to Your Meditation Hub!

I truly hope that you find this site of help to you along your personal journey.

My intent is to share what I have learned through the course of my own life, its ups and downs, the copious books read, courses undertaken, retreats attended, practices and the gems gleaned from world renowned experts such as among others Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Sydney Banks.

The learnings that I will share are by no means limited to these few but will incorporate that which has helped me personally and that I know through experience as a Teacher, Sociologist and Coach has helped others.

Depending on where you are at, the information will be right for you right now or perhaps will be down the track. In this moment, my advice right now is to just “go forth with ease and just be”.


The first time I meditated and went on a retreat was around 17 years ago.  There was definitely a need for something or an identification that there was something missing.

But, it was a further 10 or so years after that that I experienced great emotional pain and suffering. I felt extremely unhappy and empty. There was a lack of fulfilment and a sense of meaninglessness.

Quite honestly, I was exhausted both mentally and physically – I had “hit the wall”. I felt like I had been like a mouse on a wheel. I found myself thinking in the depths of despair that “I can’t do this anymore”. I had tried to make my life better and I did, but then I would make the same mistakes or decisions that put me right back at what I perceived as the ‘bottom”. I wasn’t learning, I wasn’t creating the relationships, the prosperity, the life that I apparently wanted.

Weren’t we supposed to learn from our mistakes? I considered myself intelligent, yet I couldn’t make a sustained change. So, there began my journey of discovery but on a different level.

I had for many years been interested in personal development etc and had pursued many avenues, but this time it was different. It became less about the doing, the pushing and the fixing (all that was wrong with me and my life) and more about the being and reconnecting with myself to create permanent change.

So, I have developed this site to share what helped me and continues to help me and what I have learned and practised along the way in the hope that it will help others.

What I will share I believe is invaluable and precious and will help you (if you allow it) to live differently, to have what you’ve always wanted, to live with peace and to move through life with ease, to live with an aliveness never experienced before, to truly know yourself and others, to know the nature of life and the joy to be had, to experience clarity and real freedom – a place of no fear. Just imagine!



Meditation is something to be excited about. If you’re “should’ing” all over the place e.g. “I should meditate”, “I should meditate for at least an hour for it to be of benefit”, “I should sit cross-legged in the lotus position” and most of all “I should not think while I’m doing it” this will just lead to pressure and you are actually less likely to do it.

So, where does that leave us? I will give you:

  • meditation and related health and wellbeing topic articles
  • meditation tips, strategies and advice
  • impartial reviews and/or links to products and services to assist you in your decision making and that may suit your needs

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I would also appreciate your feedback and/or suggestions on any areas related to meditation that you would like me to write or provide advice about.

For now, go forth with ease and just be,



  • Claudio

    Hello Martine,
    I also like everything related to personal development. It is more in recent years I value all my daily work much more. 

    I would also like to spend time in meditation, it would surely help me a lot to the well-being of my body and mind. This is something pending that I must do in the near future. 

    Thank you for your excellent article.

    • Martine Brooks

      Hi Claudio, thank you for your response. I hope that I can help you to initiate meditation practice in the near future. You are right it’s great for the mind and body. Wishing you a life of ease. Stay tuned. Martine 

    • Martine

      Hi Claudio, check out my new article “Simple meditation techniques for beginner School – it doesn’t have to be hard”. I hope you find it helpful. Martine

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